Vision Builders

It is one thing to have a vision, but another thing entirely to see it come to pass.

The faith of the vision builder compels them to action. Valuing God’s plans and purposes above their own comfort, vision builders give sacrificially to see the vision become reality.

We have a vision to build a church who demonstrate the full glory and power of God, and do whatever it takes to see our city saved.

We see our church gaining greater influence and visibility, shining God’s light into our community. We see lives being transformed and our church expanding into a bigger auditorium and facilities. We see our church debt free, with resources made available for community outreach, missions, training future kingdom leaders, and so much more!

Throughout history, God has moved powerfully whenever His people partner with Him. As we give sacrificially into what God is doing in this church, we will see this vision fulfilled.

Jason and Ruth – Senior Pastors


This year of vision builders, we are particularly giving towards:

1. Building for the future

When owning a church building was just a dream, past vision builders gave sacrificially to purchase residential property, as equity for the future.

Because of their sacrifice, in 2015 we entered our very own church building. Just like the Israelites after entering their promised land, we are in the process of possessing our land.

However, we’re not stopping here! As we finish what we started, giving sacrificially to take full ownership of our land, as well as maintain and improve its value, we are building equity towards the future expansion of this church.

2. Being seen

We are strategically positioned on a main road, with 15,000 vehicles driving past our door each day.

We have such an opportunity to stand out, be seen and let our light shine brightly. We want to renovate our street frontage and signage to increase visibility, express who we are, and to better welcome and invite the lost home.

Equal sacrifice not equal giving

We are asking every member of this family to prayerfully consider what they can sacrifice to build into God’s vision for this church.

As a family we believe in equal sacrifice rather than equal giving. Whether you can give the value of one coffee per week, or much more, we can all contribute something to see the vision fulfilled. We know that God blesses our giving and will use it more than we can imagine!

Become a vision builder

If you would like to partner with us to see the vision fulfilled, you can fill in a commitment form below, or simply make a once off donation using the below giving options.

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