Flood Relief

Thank you so much to those who have already donated time and money to help those affected by the ongoing flooding. It has been so great seeing members of the church so keen to shine God’s love.

We want to do whatever we can to help the local community, and show the love of God at this time. Our goal over the next week is to provide immediate food and assistance to those engaging in clean-up and recovery. To do this we are planning to provide a food van service to our community, as well as directly help in cleaning up.

Food Van

The goal of the food van service is to provide meals, snacks, cold and hot drinks to persons engaged in clean-up and recovery. While doing this, we will also be outreaching, offering to pray for people, and just generally encouraging and showing God’s love. The extent to which we can do this is dependent on availability of volunteers. We would like to run the food van at both lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Saturday. We need people who are able to help out in preparing food, and to come on the food van run (or to do both). Please register your availability using the form below.

Clean-up Crew

There are many families who have been affected by the flooding. As waters continue to recede, we will seek to provide direct help to members of the church, their friends and families, and any other families we are able to assist. We need people willing to get their hands dirty cleaning up and removing rubbish. To help us coordinate our efforts, please register any availability you have using the form below.

Please also contact us directly if you know of someone needing assistance.

    I can help on Wednesday for (please tick all that apply):

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    I can help on Friday for (please tick all that apply):

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